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The other day I found an add for a pheromone cream in my inbox. Instead of deleting it I decided to do a little research.

If you’re not familiar with pheromones, these are air-borne, very real, chemical hormones that everyone has.

I know for me scent is a real turn on or turn off. If a man smells good… well my other senses get behind my sense of smell, if he doesn’t. No deal. Now pheromones aren’t cologne, from what I could tell, your brain doesn’t recognize it the same way you would say, cologne.

Popular opinion says that these pheromones play a role in which man or woman attracts us. You know, instant sexual energy= pheromones at work.

This article claims we have a receptor in our nasal cavity that’s sole function is to detect pheromones.
20/20 did a study testing pheromones and they did show an increased interest in those wearing a scent with pheromones. These studies don’t interest me nearly as much the fact that romance writers have been right all along.

We’ve written about that instant connection, that feeling of belonging or even the predatory ‘mine’ of the alpha… Scent, all of it, and now backed-up by science.

Okay, just for fun, which is your favorite male cologne? Does a sweaty man turn you on or off?


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