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Hot Blooded by KyAnn Waters
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It’s hot as hell in Southern California, and Kelis LeBrun is having a bitch of a time keeping his focus and his fangs off the delicious looking Ms. Loni Soleil. Perhaps if it weren’t so bloody hot, he’d be able to stave off the hunger pangs. But the only way to do that is hot, sweaty sex…something he’d swore he’d never have with Loni. He couldn’t let her know he was a 300 year old vampire.

However, when they become trapped on an elevator during a rolling blackout Kelis discovers Loni has a few secrets of her own.


“And I’m afraid.”

She didn’t sound afraid, rather seductive and—with the way her fingers caressed his skin—determined.

Her lips fluttered against his sternum. “It’s too dark. I need human contact.”

But I’m not human…not for three hundred years.

She touched her tongue to his flesh.

“Oh god.” Kelis grasped her by the shoulders, pushed her back against the elevator wall, and savagely sealed their lips. He couldn’t stop. The need to rip her clothing from her body, spread her thighs, and impale her on his cock was too great.

No, he wouldn’t stop until he could escape this black, suspended box. But he wouldn’t feed, just fuck.

Her lips parted. A brush of tongues. Erotic because it was Loni, but not nearly enough. He couldn’t seal their mouths, curl his tongue around hers and kiss her deeply, not without grazing her with his fangs. No, he couldn’t risk drawing blood. Instead, he coaxed her. Tongue to velvety tongue. Touching, tasting, drinking the hot sweet flavor of her mouth. Her velvety skin heated with his touch.

Kelis jerked away from the kiss. Pressure built. He growled and ground his cock into her mound. He didn’t want finesse or romance. Didn’t want to attach an emotional connection to what could only be a temporary solution to satiate his hunger. But this was survival—hers.

Knowing they would need to leave the elevator fully clothed, he found patience and carefully unbuttoned her blouse. He couldn’t use his psychic shield with her, couldn’t let her know his true nature.

“Let me.” She pushed his fingers out of the way and quickly had her blouse and bra off.

“I can’t see you, but I’ve imagined touching you too many times not to know your body by heart.” He trailed a fingertip across her collarbone. Her pulse fluttered. “I know you in the dark because I’ve known you in my dreams.”

She shuddered. “Please. Touch me.”

“Never beg, my sweet.” He sipped her lips. “That you allow me to touch you is more than I can put into words.”

This and other stories by KyAnn can be found here.


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